About Us


Our core values reflect our company culture, reflecting what is truly important to us as an organization. These principles are the foundation of the approach to all our projects.

Laws and Regulations

Because we understand the needs of the Kingdom, our practices follow international and Islamic law, regulations and codes of conduct. We also comply with Basel II and ISO quality certification standards.

Efficient Resources

We employ only the most experienced and productive teams to ensure strong client relations, innovative identification of opportunities and exceptional return on investments.

Sense of Responsibility

The group has a strong belief in social programs and is committed to the pursuit of activities that improve the community at large.

Symbol of Trust

We built effective partnerships based on trust, responsibility and transparency.


Ours is a culture of performance: we take pride in our expertise and dedication. Total commitment to excellence inspires our team to economize on resources while delivering outstanding results.

Local Expertise with International Standards

Al Sami Holding Group is a group of companies engaged in several businesses including financial services, and real estate development and investment. The Group puts great emphasis on creating synergy, efficiency, innovation, and conforms to internationally recognized rules and regulations, giving great importance to quality standards. In the past, the Group has been successfully involved in partnerships and professional alliances with reputed firms such as Barclays Bank, PICTET, Savills, Al-Rajhi Bank, The National Commercial Bank and SABB (HSBC Saudi Arabia). Al Sami Holding Group is, above all else, a boutique investment group with particular emphasis on the real estate sector.

An International Investment Company with Local Expertise

Al Sami Holdings and its subsidiaries invariably adhere to international codes of conduct and compliance, transparency and professionalism in all business transactions, whilst proud to be a local company. Al Sami Holding Group is thorough in its observance of business procedures and methods of a global business enterprise. It is in this manner that the company cultivates its professional relationships and creates a level of trust with its clients. Moreover, the entire establishment is remarkably faithful to the precepts of Islamic Sharia Law and the dictates of its scholars in the business it conducts.