Real Estate Development

Our Team Structure


Feasibility Studies Team:

Our feasibility study team consists of professional CFAs, engineers, MBAs and expert real estate professionals, so we can cover every aspect of the real estate opportunity and establish the best use for the land.

We go beyond doing feasibility studies that merely identify whether the project is feasible or not. We do everything possible to find the most effective scenario for the investment to maximize the ROI.

We use the local approved format approved by the Saudi government to make it easy for you to apply for loans from local banks and government funds. We bear in mind the financial structure modules for establishing SPV for your investment.

Concept Design Team

We always think GREEN, considering every resource we can safely use and avoiding anything that will generate waste, designing concepts for life. Our professional design team specializes in designing concepts for sustainable green cities and communities. We design residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail outlets and community centers, taking into consideration the rules, regulations and building codes in Saudi Arabia and using space to generate the best usage.


We are also specialized in designing affordable housing solutions for the middle-income market and the ready houses projects using prefabricated concrete elements can start generating returns in a shorter time, increasing the ROI and decreasing your costs in time spent.


Placement Agents Team

During the placement process we usually classify the investment opportunity by the nature of the project and the size of the investment and approach the targeted investors group. Our team will help you design a tailor-made presentation for specific investors. Our team uses different methods to obtain the finance you need to execute your project.