Al Sami Financial Services

Al Sami Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    Moothy Foundation Center was established to provide community
      with charitable activities and serve humanity.
      The Foundation specializes in helping people overcome their barriers.
      The services of the foundation includes spreading education,
      knowledge and establishing social community facilities.
      Taking care of orphan, sick and needy and promote education
      with training & development. We do not have any political
      agenda and we have achieved considerable efficiency in providing
      community services ex: Mosque with a capacity of 1500 male and 750 females
      , information center for donors, research and knowledge center, language
      center etc.
      Mooty Foundation Center includes concern for its role within its community
      at the heart of its organizational values. Under the title, Little candle
      in the dark, the foundation identifies the Trust’s values which drive
      plans to build and sustain a service to local community role.
      We believe that the basis for the success of any business is good management,
      by developing goals and strategies and the need to spread awareness
      among employees about the importance of these goals and strategies
      to move forward together. Working in line to achieve these goals is
      a success factor for the company .
      Therefore, it is true that when you acquire any company,
      the first thing to look at it is the objectives and
      strategies of the company and the interaction of employees with
      those goals and strategies, regardless of administrative level.
      And the fact is we are in the service of the human element to the
      availability of the superior goals and long-term strategies.
      Our Services:-
      - Establishing an information center for families which are in need of “ Alhafa – MIS
      program for all the families that need support in various aspect but they do not
      ask the people to do so.
      - Supporting scientific research and its method (Field Research and other – via the internet)
      and adopting certain studies in an incentive(like scientific, marketing and financial) way.
      - Constant communication with other countries and exchange of culture and knowledge
      - Arabization, translation and the teaching of Arabic and English languages
      - Social responsibility and the importance of charitable homes (Families and Widows homes )
      and orphans sponsorship
      - Supporting the role of volunteerism especially professional jobs and training and development
      - Increasing the awareness and the importance of caring for the environment including Allah's creatures.
      - Encouraging working on the preparation of training courses and methods of Dawaa and dialogue
      - The importance of the charitable trust and maximizing awareness and development to
      implement the charitable trust in its all forms   “WAQF”
      - Intensive courses around the year ( Good Character, integrity, discipline and love of order,
      work perfection, sincerity of speech and   treatment, community spirit, the spirit of dialogue,
      a friend of evil, drugs, idealness, tampering with human life, personal hygiene,
      good companionship, envy, avarice, laziness, the nation status, the defeated spirit,
      grace of charity, scientific and creativity excellence, the importance of the role of the father
      and mother in the upbringing of children and the importance of the role of women, learn languages
      and the use of technology
      - Increasing awareness of the prevention of breast cancer and binding with breast cancer associations.
      - Women educational home (Educational and Academic Center)
      - Medical clinics Complex (Afia medical center).
      - Training and development Halls.
      - Al Anwar holy Qur'an Center
      - Cemetery services.
      - Family guidance Center (Elaaf Social services center).
      - Al-Mishkat center of distance learning, Quran learning, and Legitimacy, Sunnah and Quran's Sciences.
      - Internet portal for educational purpose ,downloading and research